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There is nothing more powerful than connecting with a Sistahhood of like-minded sistahpreneurs. If you are thinking of starting a business or in the early stages of entrepreneurship and seeking a connection to other women like you along with valuable resources to assist you, then this free membership is for you. Sistahhood includes access to our private LinkedIn and Facebooks groups, as well as our public LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages, the quarterly online newsletter, and select education and training events.

Have you been sailing on this journey for a while? If so, cruise on over to the Sistahship. The Sistahship is a good fit if you are ready to elevate yourself and your business and if you are committed and open to the tribe of sistahs who will hold you accountable. The Sistahship offers all of the Sistahhood benefits in addition to a profile post in the Sistahs’ Shine Membership Directory, quarterly mindset calls, select access to the partners database and Sistah Perks discounts on merchandise and events.

A circle is a group of women sharing a common interest and it is also considered an area of action or influence. That is a clear definition of our top tier membership, Sistah Circle. The women of Sistah Circle understand the importance of accountability and action and they realize both are needed to see success in business. If you are that woman that has experienced growth but understands the ongoing value in partnerships and relationships, this is your circle. Sistah Circle offers all the benefits of the Sistahship with an upgrade to unlimited access to the partners database, unlimited education and training events, monthly mindset calls and more.

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Access to public and private Sistahs' Shine social media pages
Quarterly Email Newsletter
Education and Training

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Unlimited Exclusive
Sistah Shine Directory
Sistahbility Calls

Access to Partner Database

Post a profile in the Partner Database
Sistah Perks
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Each woman is important in this story. We need each other. The more there are of us, the brighter it gets. It's all how we S.H.I.N.E. together.

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